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The story behind Be Like You begins with a focused, determined young man with a strong work ethic raising two toddler girls. If you guessed that man is Sim & Fetu's dad and they are the little girls, you guessed right. This trio are San Diego natives and dad was focused on ensuring they would be loved, strong, and respectable, understanding the value of their worth and family values. So he purposefully included family and culture into their lives. When you hear the cliche "it takes a village" it's their case, this was a big part of their lives.

Sim and Fetu grew up very close and agree they had their sibling "growing pains" as they laugh about it today. Those growing pains would bring these two together and forge a strong bond as they would grow into adult life, rooting for each other through life and special moments/celebrations.      

Fast forward, Sim became a cosmetologist, married and had twin girls. Fetu married, went through serving her community through AmeriCorps and opened her wedding/event planning business. Sim currently is a hair/makeup artist, Fetu sold her business and is currently a photographer, stylist & life empowerment coach.

In Fetu's capacity as a life empowerment coach, she discussed bullying with a colleague, related to frequent conversations with Sim about bullying that was occurring with Sim's daughters. Fetu shared with her colleague how bullying started in elementary school for her and carried into high school, until it was so bad she changed schools her senior year. Sim & Fetu discussed the severity of today's bullying and it ignited them to be on a mission to do something about it, to "flip the script" and empower our youth to believe in who they are as individuals, to embrace others, to learn to be more connected and educate our communities about bullying, bring awareness of the effects, consequences and solutions. Thus, Be Like You was born October 1, 2018 and going strong, officially a non-profit   501(c)(3), spreading the "buzz" of positive and empowering messages through events, educational presentations & their brand suited for all ages and all individuals. 

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Meet Our Team


I enjoy the outdoors, gardening and various realms of art. I have been an entrepreneur and mentor for 15+ years, mentoring youth, teens, young adults to small business owners. I have a degree in Health Administration with a focus on advocacy. I received Segal Education award for my AmeriCorps service, focusing on creating multiple community service projects to strengthen communities and the challenges communities face. I volunteered for various organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters and me and my husband were Bigs for a "Little". I am certified in Epilepsy First Aid, the Co-Founder of Be Like You® Inc., nonprofit organization, Purposeful Pair Life and Wellness coaching/mentoring and StarArts Photography and Art. Fun Fact: Fetu is one of six siblings. I look forward to meeting you!


Co-creator of Be Like You


I grew up in rural Pennsylvania working on a farm throughout school. I have been practicing as a Physical Therapist for over 20 years after receiving my degrees in Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy. From a young age, my parents instilled in me the importance of community, and supporting and helping each other. I have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, mentored with Big Brothers Big Sisters and aspiring student physical therapists. I am co-owner of Purposeful Pair Life and Wellness coaching/mentoring. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking/backpacking, cycling and gardening. I’m looking forward to our meeting and getting to know each other.


My name is Alexes I go by "Lexe" I  love to workout, enjoy the beautiful parts of our nature, and mentor our youth. I have owned Lessons by Lexe: Dance Studio for almost 5 years now and have my Bachelor's of Science in Applied Human Behavior, with certificates in entrepreneurship, Service Industry Management, Community Development & Sustainability, and recently received my certificate in Dance Medicine. I am currently Miss Yavapai County. I strive to empower our youth to work towards becoming the best version of themselves through helping them to embrace their authenticity and embrace their individuality. 

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